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Feeling Like a Q/A.

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 7, 2017, 11:07 AM
  • Listening to: Great Days
  • Reading: Homework.
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Super
  • Playing: Overwatch PC/PS4/Xbone, DBXeno2 - PC/PS4, SFV - PC
  • Eating: Cinnamon Bun Oreos
  • Drinking: Nothing.

Soooo. More or less. You got questions, Ill do my best to give you an answer. Just about anything is on the table.

Kinda felt like doing this, since I haven't done one of these in a while. Can be towards me, a character related one, or something else.


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shadow-otm Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
Know of any good active dbz rps?
BlackKusanagi Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Not that I know of atm bruv. Then again I haven't actively looked, but if I find one, ill let you know.
RBL-M1A2Tanker Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017
When you gunna conquer the world?
BlackKusanagi Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Student General Artist
When I can bring my characters to life. Ash / Lauren tandem would work just fine.
Yobobo Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017
Which of your characters is your favorite?

Which one seems to be everyone else's fave?

SSIV seems to have been retconned from DBZ, is this a good or bad thing?

yfw fembroly has to die?
BlackKusanagi Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Student General Artist
I have a shit ton of people. So...answering that one is hard.

Although If I were to narrow it down to specific characters that belongs to specific...stories / fandoms...

It's a tie between Lee and Rinoa for my more dragonbally sorts. For my celestials...Aurora and Anja. For my heroes, Alpha. (Havent posted her yet, but stuff for her will be coming down the pipeline, she's just primarily RP for now.)

For everyone else...everyone keeps talking about Anastasia. People normally like I'd say she's pretty cool.

Super Saiyajin 4 is awesome. Buuut...I do like the idea of how the God forms work. That said, DBGT for the most part was not awesome.

And as for that last bit, I dont think she'll die. not gonna sweat it.
chipperpip Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
Ha, I was just going to ask about that, I assume you're happy about the upcoming female Legendary Super Saiyan in DB Super...  I'm kind of surprised you haven't already done art of her  :D
BlackKusanagi Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Student General Artist
School takes priority atm. And waiting to see more on her. Lol as you can see from my gallery, fan art really ain't my thing although may have to make an exception on this.
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