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December 14, 2011
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CO - Miss Muscle by BlackKusanagi CO - Miss Muscle by BlackKusanagi

Another one of my Champions Online characters, one Im currently leveling, and hope to hit cap before I pick up TOR. 8D Anyways, Claire's a favorite of mine, and I hope you enjoy.


Name : Claire Fiona Muscle

Alias : Miss Muscle, Fi, Ms. Muscle, .

Age : 24 years old.

Hair Color : Black with very few Brunette strands.

Eye Color : A Sharp Emerald Green.

Race : Human – Alien Hybrid.

Nationality : American.

Skin Color : Somewhat Tanned.

Height : 6' 6”

Weight : 1,002 lbs (Muscle mass and bone density) in a calm state, currently can go up to 4,400 lbs when angered, and in a state of high adrenaline.

Family ( and people she considers so ) : Heinrich (Father), Nadine (Mother).

Occupation : Part Time Superheroine, student, and aspiring bodybuilder / powerlifter.

Fighting Style : A street brawling style heavily focused on using her own durability, with a few skills she learned from wrestling in high school and in college.

Build : Very muscular, yet feminine for her specie.

Personality : Claire is a competitor who is rather kind while being intense when necessary. And legitimately cares about the well being of her friends, comrades and the people she protects. She isn't a very complex person, and sometimes she for the most part wears her emotions on her sleeve, not really being one for holding back how she really feels in most situations. When angered, irritated or pushed, Claire can get rather primal or have a one track mind due to her instincts and genetic history. She is quite aware of her lack of intelligence in certain fields, but its a quick way to anger her to consistently rub it in her face.

Likes : Meeting other people she can learn useful things from, perfecting her body to the best of her ability, extremely heavy lifting, open minded people, teaching children, helping others change their bodies, eating a lot, traveling, she wont openly admit it but she enjoys battle, and the bodybuilding sport.

Dislikes : Manipulation, Viper, feeling helpless, being unable to help someone, low self esteem, feeling like she cannot overcome a challenge, closed minded opinions, people who feel they can go at her parents and expect her not to do anything.

Powers : Incredible Superhuman Strength, Superhuman durability and endurance, superhuman sense of smell, sight, and hearing, Super Stamina and an enhanced healing factor.

Danger Level : Claire is a viable threat, despite her not very extensive combative experience. But with the strength she wields, she doesn't really need to be the best fighter, she just needs to place some very good shots and make sure she doesn't fall down. She is considered an AA rank fighter due to her rather limited fighting skills, with N/A Class 4 rank for physical endurance and focus due to her physiology and the impressive muscle density her body has due to its mass. Her mental abilities are considered as S rank for having a somewhat intelligent mind especially in the ways of ones physical abilities, and her physical strength is considered N/A Class 4.5 rank in for having a high level of physical strength from training, her genetics and her alien blood. Her spiritual energy cant be properly measured, so will not be taken into account. Taking these into account, Claire's overall danger rank is at N/A Class 2.

Parattus a man who was a member of the red skinned Faesi tribe, Karatsi a female member of the green skinned Tsa Tsa, Yuumeni another woman who belonged to the Faesi, and Quatta a blue skinned Yardan male, were four members of the galaxy faring race of warriors known as the Mussuji. The Mussuji were warriors in every sense of the term, often fighting in gladiatorial contests of strength, pride, and honor. When they were not battling, they had spent much of their time honing their bodies, literal bodybuilders in every sense of the term, only allowing the ones they saw as complete packages to be the greatest amongst them. These four felt that although their empire had slightly grown, they had to explore other lands, outside of their own galaxy. The four took a ship, destined to make their mark on the universe and find more for the Mussujan empire. The four represented most of the 5 different ethnic groups on their home planet, thinking their combined assault would be well enough to take over the planet.

Shortly after reaching Earth, landing in the 16th century the four went their separate ways, intending on conquering their respective areas. But the odd thing was, they ended up not doing so.. each ended up mating with humans they deemed worthy of their attention and attraction. Out of instinct, they had ensured in order for their eventual take over, they had to keep their offspring occasionally mating with the others whom carried the blood of the empire. With the original four slowly dying over the centuries, their instinct lived on in their children, as they slowly continued to mate, within others who wielded their blood. As the years went on, it finally had reached two people, a young man named Heinrich Schwarzbrenner, a man from Germany, and Nadine Verisova, a young, ambitious lady from Russia.

Heinrich and Nadine Schwarzbrenner were two circus strong people who lived and traveled with the Quiapanni Circus. Unbeknownst to the two, down both of their bloodlines, their ancestors were alien warriors who actually had very pronounced bodies, capable of very crazy feats. The two took a serious liking to one another, and quickly one thing had led to another, eventually turning into romance. Although the two's relationship had started quite rocky, they had eventually decided to get married. Not long after their marriage, the two decided to settle down, and left the circus, legally changed their last names to Muscle, because they felt they liked the last name. Not long after, they had a daughter by the name of Claire Fiona Muscle.

Claire as a child was always fascinated by her parents feats, she had been lifting weights herself since the age of 4. Her over exuberant ways involving sports, always tended to get her in trouble as she was usually too rough with many of the girls and boys when in elementary school. Her genetics effected her from birth, since she was the first one whom the blood of the 4 had worked so well in sync, it allowed her abilities not seen since the original 4. But, she didn't quite have access... granted she had the potential, but no push nor drive to cause it to come to the surface. Continuing with her lifting, and occasional bodybuilding, middle school was a test on her mental fortitude, since it was then the kids became far less accepting of her, and if anything jarred her emotionally, since the kids just seemed to become more unforgiving with age. A tomboy in all senses of the word, she usually found consolation with her parents, them only telling her in broken English to continue hunting her dreams.

High School, was not as brutal, after Claire had joined the powerlifting and wrestling teams, somewhat gaining the popularity that normally came to a jock who did the school proud. Claire was never the best with Acedemic classes, but her narrowly getting through a lot of the classes allowed her to maintain the average needed to be on the school teams. The girls usually laughed at her build, although she was slightly busty, the very toned, yet fitness model like build she had only caused them to insult her, and not many boys to really court her knowing of how strong she was. She was tested vigorously by differing schools, each thinking she was on steroids, each test coming back clean, a process she more or less got used to over time. She knew for some reason she was destined for something greater, but it never really came to light until she had reached college.

Growing up into a somewhat muscular, yet strong young woman, easily showing strength slightly higher than males who train in strongman events, Claire had thrived greatly in scholastic sports, setting state records for several powerlifting related events, since she had few quick pins in wrestling. It was in college she met the girl she almost called a sister due to how close they were, a young woman by the name of Denise Sato who quickly took to Claire, almost idolizing her in the process. Claire normally did a lot of protect and help train her, but a lot changed one fateful day in Millenium City, when the Qulaar attacked. While being held captive during the invasion, Claire had decided she couldn’t be a victim and just sit there doing nothing. Through sheer force of will, her body transcended its normal limits, allowing her access to genes once lost and forgotten by her family, and freed herself with an incredible amount of strength that just surprised the others trapped with her. As she continued fighting her way through to freedom, she had met a heroine by the name of Jupiter Girl who had helped her not only fight her way to freedom, but also assisted her in taking down one of the Invasion Leaders. Things she occasionally dreamed that were impossible, were becoming very much so possible.

Claire didn’t understand why over the course of the battle each bullet failed to harm her...or why her body was beginning to grow to hypertrophic levels, even greater than most human female heavyweights, not that she could complain... she was getting the body of her dreams. It seemed every time she needed to dig deeper, her strength and body reacted, allowing her to push to a greater limit... her raw power fueled by her will. Rather than just slip into obscurity, under the suggestion of Jupiter Girl, Claire made the decision to try and become a superhero while still attending school. The balance was incredibly hard, as she tried to maintain her grades, she was let go off the scholastic teams she was on due to her current “development”, although her coaches allowed her to become something like a trainer for the other students. It was a little heartbreaking, but she didn’t mind, as she focused a lot of her free time that wasn’t used saving people to train Denise, or learn what little she could from her now friend Julie, who was the woman who moonlighted as Jupiter Girl.

Claire had returned to school one day, expecting to find Denise ready to train, only to find her not there. Thinking she just had something more important to do, she let the thought slip, and focused on her own training that day. But when Denise was consistently missing the powerlifting meets, the times they were to train, and receiving a call that she was nowhere to be found, Claire had almost shut down emotionally, focusing her time and drive to finding the friend she had lost. She had begun distancing herself from Julie...from others, as she tried to find every single lead possible. It had come up short, not a single bit of luck, as she had even considered giving up.

Then almost out of nowhere, Claire had the biggest lead ever drop right into her lap, as she was involved in a massive melee with a specific Viper troupe whom had a massive warrior who was going to war with Persephone in a brutal fight. Although Claire did well enough to fight off some of them, her shock was all over her face as the helmet was knocked off the Viper Juggernaut and Denise's face could be seen. Claire tried to call out to her friend, who acted like she clearly could not tell who she was. As she constantly bombarded her with information, that Denise looked distant to, but was starting to realize and remember whom she was, the Viper team had quickly gotten Denise out before Claire could really get through to her. The organization she had heard so much about...had taken, drugged, empowered, and brainwashed her friend, something she was not taking very lightly to, deciding her training would be the only real thing that could help her get into a better place for when she faced them next.

It wasn't long after that, that there was a spaceship which crashed not too far out from the desert where Project Greenskin once stood. What resided inside, was a traveling warrior, who was of Faesian blood, a woman known as Relei Ardat. With a body that put most people to shame, and a strength that surpassed Claire's in spades, this member of her ancestor's specie had begun to teach her a lot of the people she did not know. Through battle, and vicious assaults, Claire was learning on the fly much about her people, and the reason why her body was the way it was. She barely understood it herself, but when she tried to explain it to Heinrich and Nadine, it typically went over their heads, them only deciding their daughter knew more about this than they did. Still in conflict with Relei, a new rival who goes by the alias 46, Claire had felt if anything overwhelmed, that her goal of at least saving Denise while defeating or surpassing these two women would at least bring her peace. Recently beginning a new phase of training under a woman by the name of Zuzana Bravda, a close friend of Persephone's and a rather powerful meta in her own respect, Claire feels she is finally in a position to not only stop Relei from her goal of “killing her in honored battle”, but to save Denise from the clutches of Viper and her own brainwashed mind.

46, Jupiter Girl, Zuzana Bravda © ~dokkoidah

Viper © Hero Games

Miss Muscle, Denise, and all other Characters Mentioned © BlackKusanagi
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Neoverseomega Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Miss Delicious - love the vascularity and the intensity of her expression. She's got a challenging road ahead of her if they are using her dearest friend as a weapon against her - she's got a good personality from what I can see, her strength didn't corrupt her or make her feel so isolated that she turned against other people, she genuinely seems to want to do good.

Of course the idea of hypertrophic growth based on sheer will is very tantalizing . . .:D

You did a good job anatomically, squeezing all that muscularity and her rather scrumptuous breasts together in a way that still looks like it doesn't limit her movement is an impressive feat. However her legs look a little long compared to her torso (is that deliberate?) and the bar, well, she is at an angle, and unless she's got the bar twisted, the two sides shouldn't be facing each other like that.

Of course I'd be the first to admit that drawing a body like that does make the background and accessories kind of a letdown to scribble. . . .:)
BlackKusanagi Feb 21, 2013  Student General Artist
A smidge deliberate since her legs a little longer. And I was thinking it was like one of those bars with those type o handles.
Neoverseomega Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The more I look at it the more the leg length works, that's why I asked it it was deliberate (it seems to suit her proportions somehow). The crooked handled bars still have the ends in line with each other though- that's the only flaw I can see. Otherwise as usual great color choices, anatomy, and character design!
toddmichaealparks Jan 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
999 Trillion Perfect Immortals.
BlackKusanagi Jan 23, 2013  Student General Artist
Finish all of them?
She is incredible. Nice work.
alphastriker1 Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
this is a awesome story. nice work.
BlackKusanagi Aug 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, Claire seems like a very interesting character with all her history :) I wish I knew someone like her when I was in high school!

Also, I think she is buff and beautiful :) ...Though the first one is kind of obvious :)
BlackKusanagi Aug 21, 2012  Student General Artist
lol. Thanks.
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